Don’t think your lighting matters during the day? Think again! Lighting Application Sciences, LLC provides daylighting services to help you optimize your lighting, even during daytime hours. Our team of experts and their careful designs could be saving your money and making your building more energy efficient. Interested yet? 

So, what exactly is daylighting? When LAS, LLC provides daylighting services, we begin with a daylighting study. These studies provide us information on how far sunlight reaches into your space and identifies “hot spots” or areas where heat collects that will likely occur throughout the day. Then, armed with this new information, our team can better design your indoor lighting schematic. 

Our daylighting studies provide us with useful insight into your space’s natural lighting... More information means a better design for you! What does this mean for you? A daylighting study will help us proactively optimize your building’s design, lessen thermal gains, improve interior comfort levels, and increase your energy savings. In other words, with the help of daylighting, our design will make sure your space is well-lit with the sun’s natural light and our artificial ones. Plus, we’ll make sure that our lights don’t add to the identified “hot spots.” This will keep your room and employees cool! A comfortable work environment will keep your employees productive and your customers happy. Lastly, if you optimize the use of natural daylighting and have a cooler space, your energy bill will show it! 

If you are designing a new building, or renovating an existing one, invite our team to provide a daylighting calculation before your electric lighting design calculation. This can show you how to best harness the sun's light to save you money on lighting and energy consumption; and provide a more comfortable, naturally lit environment, for your employees and guests.